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While living in Turkey, I was inspired by the attitude of the Turkish people towards pets, stray dogs and cats. The Turks' love for animals impressed me. I have been to many countries and such a kind; loving relationship has not often met. I was inspired by this and I wanted to write a couple of works on the topic of dogs. Stray dogs in Turkey are very kind and are drawn to people. They are always fed and stroked. They walk among people like our smaller brothers. I also made a decision for myself that from the sale of my work I will give part of the income to charity, to help stray animals and orphans. Painting - " Pug dog " Size - 30x30 cm. Materials: oil paints, canvas, protective varnish. This picture will perfectly decorate your interior and will become one of the finest works in your collection.

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Содержание: Животные
Холст: Льняной
Техника: Масло
Высота (см): 30
Ширина (см): 30
Состояние: Без повреждений
Вид сделки: Продажа

-. 800.00 $

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