Картина Dandelion dance

Описание картины Dandelion dance

Dandelion Dance, abstract painting signed by Artur King. The painting depicts a dandelion in the wind with a silhouette of a woman dancing in the heart of a flower.
The abstract picture is painted with oil paints in a combination of cold and warm shades. The picture betrays a sense of airiness, freedom and dynamics with a perspective on the future. Our life and the world in which we live is as fragile as dandelions. A slight fluctuation of the wind can change the future of everyone.
Painting - "Dandelion dance"
Size - 25x35 cm.
Materials: oil paints, canvas, protective varnish.
This picture will perfectly decorate your interior and will become one of the finest works in your collection.

Характеристики работы

Содержание: Цветы
Холст: Льняной
Техника: Масло
Высота (см): 35
Ширина (см): 25
Состояние: Без повреждений
Вид сделки: Продажа

-. 800.00 $

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